The Finest Waterfowl Hunting in Saskatchewan
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Your Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter

As a premier waterfowl hunting outfitter in Saskatchewan, Prairies Edge Outfitting has a long history of providing clients with the best duck and goose hunting experience one can have in Saskatchewan. From the moment you call or contact us, we want you to feel excited and ready to be placed on some of the best hunting this area can provide. Our guides and staff will take care of all the little details and put you on the birds!  Get ready for an eye opening waterfowl hunting experience.

Our Waterfowl Hunting Team

Mike McLane owns and operates Prairies Edge Outfitting in Saskatchewan Canada. As an experienced guide and outfitter, Mike knows the importance of a team effort when it comes to waterfowl hunting. Prairies Edge Outfitting has a great team of industry professionals that are hard working and know the game inside and out. Guides and scouts work together every day to make sure they are on top of the migration patterns and that each hunt is a success. You are sure to be impressed by our hard working team!

Location - Our Outfitting Territory

Located just south of the Northern Boreal forest in the Pothole, Prairie region of Saskatchewan, Canada, Prairies Edge Outfitting is at the very start of the yearly migration.  The first staging area for northern birds as well as home to thousands of waterfowl that nest and raise their young here, Saskatchewan is an excellent area for waterfowl hunters across the world to experience. The amazingly high volume of waterfowl in the area is what keeps our hunters coming back year after year.

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Why Choose PEO As Your Outfitter?

There are many other guides and outfitters for you to choose from when looking for a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting outfitter. Some can offer great services, others not so much, but why do we think many of our clients choose Prairies Edge Outfitting?  It is our commitment to high quality customer service, as well as extremely hard working staff that provide great hunts every day.  Take a look here to see why we are your very best option when choosing between different outfitters for your hunt.

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What To Think About When Choosing an Outfitter

Prairies Edge Outfitting is the Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting outfitter that sets themselves apart from the rest. Successful waterfowl hunting depends on good scouting and hunting knowledge, however being a successful waterfowl hunting outfitter involves much more than that.  Many outfitters know how to hunt ducks and geese, but Prairies Edge Outfitting is proud of the great attention to detail that goes into our first class waterfowl hunting operation.  This is not simply a goose hunt but also a vacation and an experience to be enjoyed to the fullest.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Frequently Asked Questions)

The following is a list of the many common questions we get from interested waterfowl hunters looking for more information every year.  Check out this list to learn more about us

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Read Our Reivews

Alot of people can say they are the best waterfowl hunting guide or outfitter, but what do their clients really think? Prairies Edge Outfitting takes the time and care needed to keep clients coming back year after year. Take a gander at what our clients think about our hunting and services, you are sure to be impressed!

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